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Food and Drink
We're only including here Food and Drinks we have picked up while out in the Caribbean - not the usual things we eat and drink back home anyway (like tea, which we still drink copious amounts of, it goes well with the heat!).

Sundowners are an important part of the cruising life-style. Here are some of the favourites on Wild Orchid. You will notice they tend to involve rum - this is cheap, locally produced and suitably nautical!

Of the alternatives, in some places beer is actually cheaper than bottled water, while wine can be quite expensive, especially if imported as it is in much of the Caribbean. Fortunately sparkling wine is comparatively cheap. Surprisingly, to us, Venezuelans who can afford it tend to drink whiskey even with meals, rather than rum or wine.

Gerry assists Lin's birthday celebrations!Fruity Rum Punch (Windwards and Leewards)
One measure of rum to every three measures of fruit juice (a mix of orange juice and some other juice; such as pineapple, apple, mango, tamarind, mixed fruit etc; you can also use club soda or sparkling water instead of some of the juice); a generous splash of Angostura bitters; a sprinkling of grated nutmeg; juice of one lime plus one sliced lime per jugful. Serve with lots of ice. The mix is also good served alcohol free.

Wild Orchid Cocktail
(Named after us by Grenada Marine, St David's, Grenada)
A good measure of rum, as before; add about twice as much tamarind juice and fill up with ice.

3 Malo's together!Ron y Aguakina (Venezuela)
A good measure of rum (Mount Gay or Cacique for preference, but any local brand will do); add aguakina (tonic water) to make a 'long drink' and fill up with ice.

Caipirinha (Brazil - this is Star's favourite!)
Two or three limes per person, quash them thoroughly with plenty of sugar and add a good measure of Cachaca (another rum based liquor, this time white rum*). Fill up with ice.

*NB we think Caipirinha is the only drink worth having made from white rum - we always carry some on the boat, but use it strictly for killing fish

Hang on, what we're we celebrating??? Oh yes - merry xmas!